3 Common Causes of Breakdown 


There’s never a convenient time to break down on the side of the road.  Some common causes of breakdowns can be avoided by simple maintenance.

Overheating:  Low fluid levels or a poorly maintained cooling system are some common reasons cars overheat.  In summer, your car has to work harder to cool off the engine and prevent overheating.   Check your car’s fluids regularly.  Be proactive and don’t wait until the dashboard light comes on.  Check engine coolant,  engine oil,  radiator fluid, automatic transmission fluid, and washer fluid regularly.

Flat Tire: Check the tread on your tires and be mindful of uneven wear.  This can indicate the wheels may be misaligned.  During summer months, heat can cause tires to become over inflated.  Check air pressure regularly.  This can be done with a simple tire gauge.  Most service stations have a gauge on the air pump. Find the correct inflation levels in your owner’s manual.

Battery: It’s never a good time to have a faulty car battery.   Loss of voltage can be caused by constant use on short trips without regular recharging.  Hot summer months are hard on your battery.  Every time you service your car, check that terminals have been cleaned and are free of corrosion.  If it takes longer than normal to start your car, check your battery with a simple battery tester.   A failed battery can lead to bigger, more expensive problems if not taken care of in a timely manner.

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